Why People Loves Milkshake Maker More Than Regualr Blender

Milkshakes are a popular drink which combines ice cream, milk, and occasional add-ins such as syrups or candies to create a delicious dairy treat. Milkshake lovers typically have two options when it comes to making milkshakes at home: using a standard blender or using a milkshake maker, which is an appliance specifically designed to make milkshakes. People who love traditional milkshakes will almost always choose to purchase a milkshake maker over using a standard blender—and for good reason! Let’s take a closer look at the main reasons why people love milkshake makers.

Milkshake Makers Create “Traditional” Milkshakes

Technically, any blend of milk and ice cream can be called a “milkshake.” But a traditional milkshake has a certain consistency and thickness that can’t be achieved with a standard blender, regardless of how many options it has. A milkshake maker is designed to mimic the industrial milkshake makers used in restaurants, which creates a milkshake that has milk froth, which creates airiness in the milkshake that doesn’t exist with the hard, fast blending achieved with a standard blender. In addition to this, milkshake maker milkshakes are thicker and more properly blended, whereas milkshakes made with a blender are thin and usually somewhat runny.

milkshake maker

Milk and Ice Cream Blend Better in Milkshake Maker

Milk and ice cream just do not blend very well in a standard blender. The reason for this is likely the style of a blender’s blades, which only mixed the ingredients in the blender at the bottom. This results in the milk and ice cream being overmixed, yet not properly blended. In a milkshake maker, on the other hand, the style of blending is much gentler; milkshake makers use stick mixers with disc-like appendages rather than sharp and fast blades, which gently mixes the ice cream and milk together.

Milkshake Maker Milkshakes Are Colder

If you’ve ever made a milkshake in a blender, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not very cold. The reason for this is that it takes much longer for ice cream and milk to break down and mix together properly in a standard blender; by the time the milkshake is made, the ice cream has gone from ice-cold to cool. In a milkshake maker, however, the ice cream and milk blender together much faster, which means your final product will be much colder.

Owning One Makes You More Likely to Actually Make Milkshakes

If you own an appliance designed to make a specific recipe—in this case, milkshakes—you are more likely to actually make that recipe time and time ago. Many people who purchased milkshake makers reported that they make milkshakes regularly now, as opposed to just every once in a while with their standard blender. The reason for this is twofold: not only do they want to get their money’s worth from their purchase of the milkshake maker, but the milkshakes made using a milkshake maker are much more delicious, cold, and traditional that they want to make them more often!

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