Where to buy vintage milkshake maker

If you visit forum boards that talk about milkshakes (yes! there are such forums around!), you will always hear the older guys talking about vintage milkshake makers. According to them, they make the best milkshake due to the kind of motors being used in these machines. The new commercial milkshake makers do not seems to use these motors, thus the resulting milkshakes is not as tasty as the ones made by these retro milkshake makers. In fact, these older guys were claiming that many breakfast bars or milkshake parlors use these vintage milkshake machines in their business.

After hearing these comments, I was thinking of purchasing one to try but had some difficulty finding where to buy them. Finally, after some Q&A and searching, I put together this guide on which is the best vintage milkshake maker and where to buy them from.  I hope you find it useful.


Difference between a vintage and modern milkshake maker

Before making a purchase, you might want to know what is the difference between these 2 types of milkshake machines. The answer lies in the number of motors. The vintage models carry 3 motors which gave the machine more power to blend harder ice creams. The motors also give the milkshake drink a more foamy textures that will make a difference to how it taste.

The vintage model  takes up a bigger portion of your countertop space. This is to accommodate the bigger engine that these retro milkshake makers have.  They are mostly made of porcelain-coated cast iron, which is much heavier than your modern appliance.


Best vintage milkshake maker

vintage milkshake maker

One of the most highly regarded model is the Hamilton Beach model 40DM.  It is made of porcelain-coated cast iron as mentioned and runs on 3 motors. Each of the motor is independent of each other, which means that you can use the other 2 if one breaks down.  According to the forums, this machine produces an incredible rich taste that cannot be duplicated by the modern Hamilton Beach 28 milkshake maker.

This models comes in a variety of colors including the green you saw above, as well as red and white.

Where can you buy Hamilton Beach model 40DM

I thought there would be an online store selling these but the best place to buy turn out to be Ebay. Another possible place is Craiglist but it doesn’t have that many listing. Regardless of which place, you need to do your homework. A good and used Hamilton Beach model 40DM will cost you around $150-$170 in working condition. However, some purchases might need some repair work before you get it to work properly.

Things you need to check before purchasing them from Ebay

  • Make sure all the parts are working. Look out especially for any broken copper clips, springs and electrical contacts. If any parts need to be replaced, make sure you know where to source for these parts.
  • Check for all parts especially the cups.
  • If you are buying a working model, it is best to ask for some evidence, such as a video, for the machine being used.

Spare parts for vintage milkshake makers

If you need help with your spare parts, the following 2 stores might provide some assistance. Here are their websites and emails.


Web site: www.applianceantiques.com

Email: sodafountainantiques@yahoo.com


Web site: www.hudsonscustommachining.com

Email: darryl@hudsonscustommachining.com

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