Waring vs Hamilton beach commercial milkshake machine: which is the best?

For restaurant or breakfast bar owners who are thinking of which commercial milkshake maker to buy for their business often encounter two common brands: Waring and Hamilton beach commercial milkshake mixer. You might be wondering: which one is really the best? Since I am quite the expert on these appliances (given the time I have spent with them), I thought I should give an opinion on which brand I think is the best. This is for your reference of course and you are free to disagree with what I said 🙂


Waring vs Hamilton beach

The easiest way to do the comparison is to list out the features and give my opinion on which brand comes out top for that particular feature. Doing so should give you a better picture of which brand does what better. In case you are looking for one particular feature, the table should give you what you want.

Features Waring Hamilton Beach
best commercial milkshake maker 2 best commercial milkshake maker
Control No pause button Pause button for great control
Speed 5 milkshakes in 10 minutes Slightly faster
Ease pf cleaning Use soapy water to clean the cup Similar
What can it mix Mostly stuff that are soft like banana. Forget about hard fruits Can handle harder ingredients such as hard ice cream
Noise Quieter than most blenders Relatively more quiet than Waring
Price USD170+  USD300

Overall, the Hamilton Bleach milkshake machine functions as a better commercial milkshake maker. In fact, one of the reviewers on Amazon is a restaurant owner and he uses the Hamilton Bleach model.

The only downside is the higher price but as a business owner, the investment is worth it for a thicker and better quality milkshake for your customers. One thing to note is that these things used to cost a lot more. Just go to Ebay and look for vintage Hamilton Bleach milkshake makers. You will see people paying hundreds of dollars for a 1940 model!

If you are not a business owner but wants a commercial grade milkshake mixer, than the Waring might be enough. It still makes good milkshake but is a price point that is more affordable to the average family.

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