Vodka milkshake recipe

Milkshakes are not only for children as adults like myself loved them too! Being an adult, I do like to add some alcohol to my drink on occasions. In this case, there are a couple of really alcoholic milkshake recipes that I would like to share here. In this article, the focus will be on vodka milkshake recipe.

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(Editor notes: Not convinced that a milkshake maker is better than a blender, read this article on the difference between blender and milkshake maker to find out more!)


Lime vodka milkshake recipe

Lime Vodka milkshake recipe

My favorite vodka favor is lime so I have to give this recipe a try. It turns out that this lime vodka milkshake tasted the same way that I imagined it to be! Refreshing and so delicious,  it is something you need to try on their own.  Remember to add the cookie crumbs to make the drink more crunchy and yummy!

See the step by step instructions here.


Cake favored vodka milkshake recipe

Vodka milkshake recipe

For those who find vodka too bitter, this cake favored vodka is something that you might fancy. Coupled with the sweetness of vanilla ice cream, this vodka milkshake will give you just a hint of alcohol without distracting from the richness of the drink.  Best for an all adult summer gathering. I am sure your guests will love this drink!

See the recipe here.


Shamrock vodka milkshake recipe

shamrock Vodka milkshake recipe

What we have here is a recreation of the McDonald Shamrock milkshake. The only difference is that the creator has made it alcoholic :).

Using delicious shamrock cookies and a couple of teaspoons of vodka was enough to turn into a wonderful drink that will have you wanting for more.

Check out the full recipe here.


Liquer and vodka milkshake recipe

strong Vodka milkshake recipe

To complete the roundup, this last recipe is for folks who really their drinks with strong alcohol. Containing both Crave Chocolate Liqueur and vodka, this recipe taste more alcoholic than the rest.  Hence, it makes sense to present this drink in a a cocktail glass, rather than traditional milkshake glasses.

Here is the recipe.


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