Pistachio milkshake recipe

My wife loves pistachio ice cream very much which gave me the inspiration to round up a bunch of delicious and thick pistachio milkshake recipes to share with readers who liked this favor.  You can of course make some modifications to any of the recipes found here so that they are better suited for your taste. For example, my wife loves almond so I tend to add in some crunchy almonds to the pistachio milkshake recipe.


#1: Almond pistachio milkshake recipe

Almond pistachio milkshake recipe

Here is one example of how a food blogger modifies a recipe from food.com and came up with something that is interesting and different. The recipe here will produce a very crunchy drink as she added all sorts of nuts. For those who loved such a crunchy drink, this is a great recipe to follow.

See the recipe here.

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(Editor notes: Not convinced that a milkshake maker is better than a blender, read this article on the difference between blender and milkshake maker to find out more!)


#2: Mint pistachio milkshake recipe

Mint pistachio milkshake recipe

For those who love Mint, here is a easy to follow recipe that combines mint and pistachio. It is a wonderful drink for a hot summer and one that I recommend if you liked mint.

The whole recipe can be seen here.


#3: Chocolate pistachio milkshake recipe

Chocolate pistachio milkshake recipe

I loved chocolate so I was thrilled to see this recipe that combines chocolate and pistachio into one delicious milkshake drink.  I tried and I couldn’t believe how good it is. To men, it definitely taste better than normal chocolate peanut milkshake recipes.  The additional of pistachio adds a different texture to the drink and changes its favor.

You need to see this recipe here.

#4: Pistachio and cookie milkshake recipe

Pistachio and cookie milkshake recipe

Here is another cool recipe combination that lots of children and adults will love.  The texture of the drink is very chewy as there are lots of things to bite on.  Remember to put some chocolate chip cookies for that additional punch in your taste.

See the whole recipe here.

Hope you enjoy making these different types of pistachio milkshakes!

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