Waring vs Hamilton beach commercial milkshake machine: which is the best?

For restaurant or breakfast bar owners who are thinking of which commercial milkshake maker to buy for their business often encounter two common brands: Waring and Hamilton beach commercial milkshake mixer. You might be wondering: which one is really the best? Since I am quite the expert on these appliances (given the time I have […]

5 awesome banana coffee milkshake recipe

I have recently fallen in love with a new coffee brewing method called pour over coffee. Unlike traditional coffee brewing, pour over coffee is easy to learn and brings out the unique favors for every coffee type. If you are interested into pouring over coffee as well, I suggest you check out this article on […]

How to make a chocolate milkshake with almond milk

Since the introductory article on making almond milk milkshake, readers have been asking me to cover more recipes using almond milk. This one covers specific recipes on how to make a chocolate milkshake using almond milk. Enjoy and do try some of the recipes at home!   Healthy vegan chocolate milkshake with almond milk Here […]

How to make a really thick milkshake

Milkshakes are suppose to be think, at least in my personal preference. I don’t like to drink some watery mixture that passes off as milkshakes. I want them to be think, rich in favors and leave a huge after taste in my mouth after each sip. To make thick milkshakes, there are 3 things you […]

Handheld milkshake maker – can it make good milkshake?

I have seen some folks asking about handheld milkshake maker so I thought it will be useful to do a review article to let readers see what can a handheld milkshake maker do. Before going into it, it should be obvious that the portable milkshake maker will not be able to match the raw power […]

Alcoholic milkshake recipes for you to enjoy

I have covered quite a bit of alcoholic milkshake recipes on this site. You can refer to past articles such as vodka milkshake recipe, Guinness milkshake recipe , bourbon milkshake recipe etc.  In this article, I will cover other recipes that combines traditional taste such as chocolate, strawberry etc with some hint of alcohol.   […]

5 healthy and delicious almond milk milkshake recipes

There is a recent trend of using nut milk instead of normal milk for making milkshakes. This is probably due to the perceived health benefits of nut milk. So, to be in line with this new trend, I am happy to start introducing nut milk based recipes. In this first article, I will be covering […]

4 Delicious snickers milkshake recipes

Snickers make a good snack when you are hungry and needs some thing fast. Who know they are also perfect as ingredients for a tasty milkshake recipe.  The good news is there is a couple of really good recipes on the Web which I have collated below for your easy reference. Let me know if […]

5 Pumpkin milkshake recipe for halloween

Halloween is this month so what better time than to learn how to make pumpkin milkshakes.  Making pumpkin shakes need a bit more care as it is not an ingredient that can mix with all other ingredients. To ensure that it taste out great, we need to select ingredients that will go along with it. […]

Best commercial milkshake maker

I have recommended the best milkshake maker in my review article. However, that is mainly for home use. Since then, I have gotten requests to review commercial grade milkshake maker that can be used in restaurants or cafes. I have taken up this challenge and have done extensive research to recommend the best commercial milkshake […]

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