Oreo banana milkshake recipe

The third article in our series on banana milkshake recipes features everybody’s favorite chocolate biscuit: Oreos! You can check out the first articles here: chocolate peanut butter milkshake recipe and avocado milkshake recipe.  In this article, we are looking at creative ways to blend oreo with banana. There are actually more than one way to make this delicious drink and we are going to show you how.


Thick oreo banana milkshake recipe

thick orea banana milkshake recipe

To tell the truth, oreo bananan milkshake recipes are hard to find online. Most are either oreo or banana recipes. I combed through dozens of sites to find a few and put there here for your easy reference.

This first recipe results in a thick oreo banana milkshake. The blog which this came from is very nicely designed with well photographed pictures. It is definitely taking a look even after you are done with the recipe.

Check this cool recipe here.

milkshake maker ad 2

(Editor notes: Not convinced that a milkshake maker is better than a blender, read this article on the difference between blender and milkshake maker to find out more!)

Oreo banana milkshake recipe with peanut butter

orea peanut butter banana milkshake recipe

The creator of this drink created one hell of a recipe. Using not only Oreo but also peanut butter with banana, it becomes an interesting mix that oreo lovers should like to try.  The taste is rich but a mix of sweet and salty favors. Should go well for those who don’t want too sweet a drink.

You can see this interesting recipe here.


Easy oreo milkshake recipe

oreo banana milkshake recipe

We will end off with this easy to made recipe. This is just a plain old ore0 milkshake recipe. I put it here in case some of you just wanted the oreo without the banana. All you need to do is to prepare the list of ingredients as shown in the recipe and then mix them together in a milkshake maker.

You can see the list of ingredients here.

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