Milkshake Maker Comparison: Hamilton Beach vs Waring Pro

You could make a basic drink with any liquid ingredients found in your kitchen but you can never make a genuinely delicious milkshake without a decent milkshake maker. The Hamilton and Warring Brand is popular for heavy duty milkshake mixer which are highly used commercially or home-based. Today, I am going to run a milkshake maker comparison between Hamilton Beach HMD200 Spindle and Waring PDM112 Drink Mixer Retro. Both of them are similar in their built and working mechanism as a decent milkshake mixer. I hope this kind of one on one milkshake maker comparison will help you to make the decision.


Milkshake Quality and Amount

The Warring PDM112 Drink Mixer Retro uses a relatively decent motor to produce a good volume of Milkshake. While Hamilton Beach HMD200 Spindle uses a stronger motor, which makes thicker Milkshakes by incorporating air to create volume in milkshakes.

Best for What Type of Ingredients

The Warring PDM112 Drink Mixer Retro can only mix liquid ingredients like juices or milk into thin milkshakes with the motor and the drill it is operating on. Operating on a stronger motor, the Hamilton Beach HMD200 Spindle can easily mix solid items such as by crushing ice or mixing hard ice cream into a delicious milkshake. The capability of the milkshake mixer is able to mix different types of milkshake in the form of ice blend or with ice cream.

Easy to Clean

The similar design structure compromised by both the Hamilton Beach HMD200 Spindle and the Warring PDM112 Drink Mixer Retro have created large convenience for users. Both of the mixers possess similar cleaning process by easily washing the cup or cleaning the drill with water and soap. You may purchase additional cups to speed up the process of making more milkshakes.


Apart from ensuring that fast cleaning process of the machines, the built-in motor used by Hamilton Beach HMD200 Spindle is relatively faster and stronger. Thus, the capability to produce milkshakes quickly. Warring PDM112 Drink Mixer that produces milkshakes quickly at a slightly slower rate compared to the Hamilton Beach HMD200 Spindle.


The metallic body of the Hamilton provides a very compact aesthetic appeal which boosts its durability on the long term for a product that is used daily. The Warring PDM112 Drink Mixer uses a plastic structured body which is relative less durable.


Both mixers are great, but which one is the best milkshake maker? It entirely depends on your needs. The price depicts their quality as well! You pay for what you get! If you are a commercial user that owns a Milkshake vendor or café where speed and convenience are crucial, the Hamilton Beach HMD200 Spindle would definitely add value to your business. Hamilton Beach HMD200 Spindle can also make different types of Ice Cream Milkshakes. However, if you prefer to mixing thin Milkshakes or mixing regular liquid ingredients at home, the Warring PDM112 Drink Mixer would be the best fit!

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