Milkshake glasses

Appearance is an important part of any food and beverage, including milkshakes. This is why a lot of restaurants serve milkshakes in milkshake glasses because they make the drink look more appealing. Similarly, when preparing milk shakes for your family and friends, using a milkshake glass can improve the appeal of your drink, even before they taste it.

Here are some of our favorite designs that you can buy from Amazon

12 pack old fashioned  milkshake glasses

old fashioned milkshake glasses

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You may call old fashioned milkshake glasses but nothing brings me the joy of drinking milkshake from these 50s retro milkshake glasses. Most offline stores don’t sell these anymore but I am glad that Amazon is still selling them at very affordable prices.

This set includes 12 retro milkshake glasses so there is plenty to go around.


  • Not available in most offline stores
  • Nice 50s design that looks vintage and retro
  • Well made with thick glasses
  • Affordable prices. Each glass only costs you around USD4.50


  • Poor packaging. Fortunately, you can always ask a refund from Amazon if the glasses are broken during shipping


6 pack retro milkshake glasses

retro milkshake glasses

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If you want an alternative, here is Global Amici’s version. They are slightly more expensive but no complains about packaging so far!


  • Similar to the above (nice design, well made, retro old etc) but with better packaging


  • Prices are slightly more expensive at USD35 for 6 glasses, which comes to about USD6 per glass.