Handheld milkshake maker – can it make good milkshake?

I have seen some folks asking about handheld milkshake maker so I thought it will be useful to do a review article to let readers see what can a handheld milkshake maker do. Before going into it, it should be obvious that the portable milkshake maker will not be able to match the raw power of a full fledge maker. The key question is how much of a difference will it make and can it justify the price difference between the two.

Since the best milkshake maker I have recommended is the Hamilton milkshake maker, I thought it would be fair to compare against the handheld mixer from the same brand. Hamilton has a well reviewed handheld blender called the Hamilton Beach 59770 Turbo-Twister.  It costs only USD17 and has received a 4 star rating from 224 reviews. According to its product description, it can whipped up milkshakes so let’s see how good it is.

handheld milkshake maker

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Since I don’t own this appliance, what I have done is to search through all the Amazon reviews on this product and pick up the ones that are relevant to making milkshakes. It might look easy but I had to go through 26 PAGES worth of reviews to pick up what you will be reading!


Review #1

Not so positive. Has difficulty crushing ingredients such as cookies and cream so forget about using it to make delicious oreo milkshakes!

handheld milkshake review 1


Review #2

This reviewer definitely loves the handheld milkshake maker. Unfortunately, there was no comparison with the counter top version but I am sure she is very happy with it.

handheld milkshake review 2


Review #3

This reviewer has no problem with using this to make milkshake. He suggested that you used the higher speed when dealing with hard ice cream.

handheld milkshake review 3

There you have it. 2 out of the 3 reviews above suggested that they were happy with using the Hamilton handheld milkshake maker to creating their milkshakes. Of course, there was no comparison with the counter top versions but if you are not serious about your milkshakes and wants to save some money, this is a good alternative to consider.

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