Easy oreo coffee milkshake recipe

Love coffee? Check. Love oreo? Check. Then you will love this oreo coffee milkshake recipe as much as I do.  The good thing is that there are lots of different variations you can make to the recipe. Coffee, for example, can come in different favors and we will show some of these variations in the round up below. Enjoy the post and let me know what you think.

Oreo hazelnut coffee milkshake recipe

oreo hazelnut coffee milkshake recipe

This is a relative easy recipe to follow. The only unique ingredient was the use of hazelnut favored coffee because of personal preference. It is fine if you change it to regular coffee or some other favors.  This drink is easy if you have a milkshake maker to do the blending for you. Difficult to do it manually because of the oreo cookies which you need to crush beforehand. My recommendation for the best milkshake maker is the Hamilton beach 28.

See the recipe here.


Alcoholic oreo coffee milkshake recipe

alcoholic oreo coffee milkshake recipe

This is a rich recipe because the creator added Baileys to the oreo and coffee mix. It is also alcoholic so don’t give this to your kids!  I liked the fact the strawberry was added as a topping because it reduces the richness of the drink, which can be a bit overwhelming if it was consumed continuously.  I find myself taking a nit out of the strawberry after every mouthfuls of this rich baileys oreo coffee milkshake.

Try the recipe here.


Low fat oreo coffee milkshake recipe

low fat oreo coffee milkshake recipe

For the health conscious, here is the low fat version of the oreo coffee milkshake. Made from non dairy vanilla ice cream and low fat oreo cookies,  this will definitely remove a few calories from your milkshake.  Not sure if it is alcoholic though as some Baileys cream was added to the mix.

You can enjoy the recipe here.

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