Cold press juice vs smoothie? Which is healthier

I recently purchased a cold press juicer after reading this review of the best Omega slower juicer for 2015.  I had an Omega blender in the past so I wanted a slow juicer that was from the same brand. That article made it clear about the difference in models and helped me to decide on the 8006 model.

Why cold press juice? I was seeing cold press juices being advertised everywhere in my city. Heck, even my friends started drinking cold press juices. I did not want to feel left out and started reading on what is it about. What I read interests me so I decided to buy one and try for myself.

After trying in out, the taste was ok. However, I am always more of a milkshake person and I missed the think taste on a ice cold shake on my tongue. The closest thing I could think to a cold pressed drink is a smoothie. So, I was wondering if drinking smoothie yields the same health benefits as a cold pressed juice.

Cold press juice vs smoothie


Interestingly, here is what I founding:


Cold press juicer and smoothies differences

Here are the main differences between slow juicing and making a smoothie:

  • How it works: Slow juicing is mainly an extraction process whereby only water and nutrients are being extracted out. Smoothie, on the other hand, relies on blending which is a breaking apart process. Specifically, blending chops and slices them apart until they become a liquid form.
  • What goes into the drink: As a result of the above, juices made from slow juicing tend to contain only water and nutrient. Fiber is typically missing. A smoothie, on the other hand, contains everything in a fruit including the skin and fiber.
  • Nutrient content: A smoothie blend, due to the use of its blades and movement, tend to result in heat which can lose a portion of the nutrients. A slow juicer, on the other hand, is slow by nature and doesn’t that much heat, which in turns leads to a higher amount of nutrients in the drink.  Another factor is the amount of nutrient you can pack in a single cup of slow juice is much higher than a smoothie. This is due to the absence of fiber and other fruit parts that will not enter the drink itself.
  • Sugar level: A downside, however a drink without fiber is that the sugar level can be absorbed more quickly into your blood stream. This sudden increase in the intake of sugar can result in unstable emotions, which can explain why you might feel happy out of a sudden after drinking a big glass of cold press juice.
  • Which is more filling: Due to the presence of fiber, a smoothie tend to fill you up faster. Slow juices on the other hand, are just water and nutrients so you will probably go hungry if you are only drinking that as the only course of meals in a day.



Overall, it seems there is no one clear winner. I guess I will need to drink both cold press juice and smoothies if I want to maintain a balance diet. Good news then since that means I would need to return my Omega J8006 back to Amazon.

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