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4 Delicious snickers milkshake recipes

Snickers make a good snack when you are hungry and needs some thing fast. Who know they are also perfect as ingredients for a tasty milkshake recipe.  The good news is there is a couple of really good recipes on the Web which I have collated below for your easy reference. Let me know if […]

5 Pumpkin milkshake recipe for halloween

Halloween is this month so what better time than to learn how to make pumpkin milkshakes.  Making pumpkin shakes need a bit more care as it is not an ingredient that can mix with all other ingredients. To ensure that it taste out great, we need to select ingredients that will go along with it. […]

Pistachio milkshake recipe

My wife loves pistachio ice cream very much which gave me the inspiration to round up a bunch of delicious and thick pistachio milkshake recipes to share with readers who liked this favor.  You can of course make some modifications to any of the recipes found here so that they are better suited for your […]

6 different types of bourbon milkshake recipe

For those who loved alcoholic milkshakes, today’s article will cover different types of bourbon milkshake recipes.  It is a nice bitter sweet beverage that is nice for an adult gathering or summer party. The good thing about bourbon is that it mixes well with many other ingredients unlike the vodka milkshake recipe which tends to […]

Delicious avocado milkshake recipe with gula melaka

Many of the Western folks will probably not heard of this ingredient called gula melaka. It is an Asian ingredient and is actually palm sugar that has a bit of that sweet and bitter taste. In Asia, it is common to find gula melaka being used as topping for a variety of Asia desserts including […]

Refreshing honeydew milkshake recipe

Honeydew is a great ingredient for creating that cool and refreshing taste. The best thing about using honeydew is that it is naturally sweet and contains lots of of healthy vitamins for ourselves and our kids. If you are looking for a healthy homemade honeydew milkshake recipe, we have round up a few of them […]

3 Easy sweet potato milkshake recipes

After the previous post on yam milkshake recipe, I realise that there is a similar ingredient that can be used to replace yam and that is: Sweet potato! So, I will use this article to feature anther set of milkshake recipes which creatively blends sweet potatoes with other ingredients to create wonderful milkshake favors.  Again, […]

Yam milkshake recipe

Yam is not a common ingredient in Western desserts and drinks but is quite commonly used. I first chance upon its taste during my travels to Hong Kong. I had a taste of their Yam paste for dessert and it was marvelous. The paste was think and rich with yam taste plus a heavy dose […]

Guinness milkshake recipe

Got another alcoholic milkshake recipe article for you today. The last time I covered the vodka milkshake recipe. This time, I am featuring another crowd favourite: Guinness Stout! The Stout taste offset some of the sweetness in milkshakes and might be suitable for folks who doesn’t like their drinks to be too sweet. Coffee Guinness […]

Easy oreo coffee milkshake recipe

Love coffee? Check. Love oreo? Check. Then you will love this oreo coffee milkshake recipe as much as I do.  The good thing is that there are lots of different variations you can make to the recipe. Coffee, for example, can come in different favors and we will show some of these variations in the […]