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Why does my milkshake separate – reasons and solutions

One of the more frustrating issue when making your home milkshakes is separation of the mixture into distinct layers that don’t blend. I have encounter this problem when I first started out doing my own home milkshakes and it was frustrating to say the least. I read up on a lot of information, which mostly […]

How to make Oreo Milkshake with Baileys and Kahlua

Oreo cookies are a delicious treat which are beloved by people all around the world. Since their creation, Oreo cookies have been used to create many different types of desserts and other sweet snacks—from Oreo pudding recipes to Oreo cheesecakes and even Oreo milkshakes! And even Oreo milkshakes come in a variety of different flavors […]

Enjoy the Hersheys Chocolate Milkshake

Hershey’s is one of the most well-known and beloved chocolate brands in the world. Hershey’s produces countless varieties of chocolate products, from its simple but delicious chocolate bars to hot chocolate mixes and everything in between. But if you love the taste of Hershey’s chocolate, you aren’t limited to what you can buy in stores! […]

Oreo Chocolate MilkShake Recipe

Oreo cookies are one of the most popular snack cookies in the world! And although Oreos can be found in dozens of different flavors internationally, it’s the traditional chocolate Oreo cookie with cream filling that is beloved by countless people everywhere. If you love Oreo cookies, then you’ve no doubt tried your hand at Oreo […]

Cold press juice vs smoothie? Which is healthier

I recently purchased a cold press juicer after reading this review of the best Omega slower juicer for 2015.  I had an Omega blender in the past so I wanted a slow juicer that was from the same brand. That article made it clear about the difference in models and helped me to decide on […]

5 awesome banana coffee milkshake recipe

I have recently fallen in love with a new coffee brewing method called pour over coffee. Unlike traditional coffee brewing, pour over coffee is easy to learn and brings out the unique favors for every coffee type. If you are interested into pouring over coffee as well, I suggest you check out this article on […]

How to make a chocolate milkshake with almond milk

Since the introductory article on making almond milk milkshake, readers have been asking me to cover more recipes using almond milk. This one covers specific recipes on how to make a chocolate milkshake using almond milk. Enjoy and do try some of the recipes at home!   Healthy vegan chocolate milkshake with almond milk Here […]

How to make a really thick milkshake

Milkshakes are suppose to be think, at least in my personal preference. I don’t like to drink some watery mixture that passes off as milkshakes. I want them to be think, rich in favors and leave a huge after taste in my mouth after each sip. To make thick milkshakes, there are 3 things you […]

Alcoholic milkshake recipes for you to enjoy

I have covered quite a bit of alcoholic milkshake recipes on this site. You can refer to past articles such as vodka milkshake recipe, Guinness milkshake recipe , bourbon milkshake recipe etc.  In this article, I will cover other recipes that combines traditional taste such as chocolate, strawberry etc with some hint of alcohol.   […]

5 healthy and delicious almond milk milkshake recipes

There is a recent trend of using nut milk instead of normal milk for making milkshakes. This is probably due to the perceived health benefits of nut milk. So, to be in line with this new trend, I am happy to start introducing nut milk based recipes. In this first article, I will be covering […]