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Why People Loves Milkshake Maker More Than Regualr Blender

Milkshakes are a popular drink which combines ice cream, milk, and occasional add-ins such as syrups or candies to create a delicious dairy treat. Milkshake lovers typically have two options when it comes to making milkshakes at home: using a standard blender or using a milkshake maker, which is an appliance specifically designed to make […]

Compare Milkshake Maker with Blender in 5 Facts

Milkshakes are a treat enjoyed by people around the world. A basic milkshake consists of ice cream and milk; the ice cream can be various flavors to create different milkshake flavors, or mix-ins such as syrup can be added to create a different milkshake flavor. In restaurants, milkshakes are traditionally made with industrial milkshake makers. […]

Milkshake Maker Comparison: Hamilton Beach vs Waring Pro

You could make a basic drink with any liquid ingredients found in your kitchen but you can never make a genuinely delicious milkshake without a decent milkshake maker. The Hamilton and Warring Brand is popular for heavy duty milkshake mixer which are highly used commercially or home-based. Today, I am going to run a milkshake […]

Case study: how I help to choose the best milkshake maker for a restaurant owner

It still amazes me the kind of connections that the Internet can enable these days.  When I first put up this blog, I have no idea that it would lead me to working with someone who wants to open a new restaurant but this is exactly what had happened. One of the visitors to this […]

Best blender for making milkshake – buy the Oster milkshake blade

If you have ever used a milkshake maker before, you know that there is a difference between a milkshake maker and a blender.  However, I got to know about milkshake blades that can be purchased to make a blender becomes more like a milkshake machine.  In particular, the Oster milkshake blade has received very positive […]

Waring vs Hamilton beach commercial milkshake machine: which is the best?

For restaurant or breakfast bar owners who are thinking of which commercial milkshake maker to buy for their business often encounter two common brands: Waring and Hamilton beach commercial milkshake mixer. You might be wondering: which one is really the best? Since I am quite the expert on these appliances (given the time I have […]

Handheld milkshake maker – can it make good milkshake?

I have seen some folks asking about handheld milkshake maker so I thought it will be useful to do a review article to let readers see what can a handheld milkshake maker do. Before going into it, it should be obvious that the portable milkshake maker will not be able to match the raw power […]

Best commercial milkshake maker

I have recommended the best milkshake maker in my review article. However, that is mainly for home use. Since then, I have gotten requests to review commercial grade milkshake maker that can be used in restaurants or cafes. I have taken up this challenge and have done extensive research to recommend the best commercial milkshake […]

Where to buy vintage milkshake maker

If you visit forum boards that talk about milkshakes (yes! there are such forums around!), you will always hear the older guys talking about vintage milkshake makers. According to them, they make the best milkshake due to the kind of motors being used in these machines. The new commercial milkshake makers do not seems to […]

5 benefits of milkshake maker vs blender

Do I really need a milkshake maker? That was the first question I had to ask myself before buying one. I already had a normal blender so what is the benefit of buying a milkshake maker if they perform the same role? After reading some reviews, I decided to purchase one and I am here […]