Case study: how I help to choose the best milkshake maker for a restaurant owner

It still amazes me the kind of connections that the Internet can enable these days.  When I first put up this blog, I have no idea that it would lead me to working with someone who wants to open a new restaurant but this is exactly what had happened.

One of the visitors to this blog were looking for suggestions on what kind of commercial milk shake makers for to purchase for his new restaurant.  He got here as the website placed 5th on Google search results when you searched for “commercial milkshake maker”. Anyway, that was how he found me and asked me for advice on which model to purchase. One thing lead to the next and before I knew it, I was helping the owner on buying the right milkshake models.

The whole experience has been an eye opener and I thought It would make a good case study for folks who wanted to buy the right milkshake maker for the restaurant.  During my course of helping the owner, I came across a number of factors that I hadn’t consider in my previous write up as well as what other accessories are needed to complete the whole milkshake setup.


What to look for when buying a milkshake maker for restaurant

Unlike buying a milkshake machine for home, making milkshakes in a restaurant setting is a whole new game.  Although taste is still important, but the machine needs to possess other qualities before it can be used for restaurants or bars.

  • Capacity: The amount made is going to be in much larger quantities in a restaurant so speed and capacity are critical. While a home milkshake machine might be able to produce a great tasting milkshake for 1-2 person, a commercial milkshake make needs to double or even triple that capacity.
  • Heavy:  This is something I learn from my experience of working with a restaurant owner. The thing needs to be stable because staff might take it over when they are busy with orders. Hence, it needs to heavy to take a few bumps and such.
  • Easy to clean: We are talking about really fast cleaning here especially during peak hours. This is where a milkshake maker machine really shines when compared to a blender. The latter cleaning is too troublesome due to the blades and such. A milkshake maker, on the other hands, needs only to clean the cup without touching the spindle so the job is made much faster and easier.


What other milkshake accessories to buy

Buying a commercial milkshake machine is not sufficient to start serving milkshakes in your restaurant. From my experience, here are the other things you need to complete the setup/

  • Milkshake glasses: I had to decide upon 2 models. One is the classic vintage milkshake glass while the other is the modern looking stainless steel version. Eventually, we went for the retro looking glasses as the owner felt that it will look more tasty when placed in such a traditional holder. You can of course made your own choice but these 2 models are what is commonly used.

retro milkshake glasses

  • Milkshake straws: If you are buying the stainless steel milkshake glasses, you might want to pair them with stainless steel straws. This will complete the look and make your milkshakes have a very modern presentation. For those who like the retro glasses, any plastic straws will be fine.
  • Milkshake spoons: We also consider the option of adding a spoon to the cup for customers to stir their milkshake when it got stale. If you are buying the stainless less straws, this will be the unnecessary as the straws double up as a stirrer. For restaurant owners who are getting the plastic straws, you might want to buy the stirrers as the straws might not be strong enough to do a strong stirring.


Prepare 1-2 unique milkshake recipes

After getting all the equipment sorted by, we are left with deciding what milkshake recipes to offer. This is a subject that took us quite a while to deliberate as there is a trade off between options and costs. In the end, we decided on a milkshake menu that offers 3 classics vanilla, chocolate and strawberry as well as 2 unique recipes to cater to the crowd that want to try something more

Personally, I think creating 1-2 more unique recipes can help your restaurant to create more word of mouth marketing as well as sharing on social media. After all, the social media don’t share anything unless it is unique. It is hard to imagine your customers sharing a cup of chocolate milkshake on their facebook pages but a cup of yam milkshake with chocolate , that is a different story.

coffee guinness milkshake recipe


Which commercial milkshake did we buy for the restaurant?

After going through the whole process, you might be interested to know which model did we eventually pick for the restaurant. Well, it turns that the Hamilton Beach HMD200 is really what the restaurant owner like and is a model that I personally recommend as well.

We picked this because of its solid and heavy base which provide a stable support for the staff. Added to that its powerful and fast engine which spills out milkshakes at twice the speed of a conventional milkshake machine and we have a clear winner.

Although it has a heavy price tag of USD300, the quality makes it worth the investment, especially for a restaurant.

best commercial milkshake maker


How was the experience in using the Hamilton Beach HMD200

It has been 2 months since the restaurant opened and I have asked the owner on how was the milkshake machine doing. His reply? “Fantastic!!”

According to him, customers love the thick milkshakes that the machine can produce. It is even better than they don’t have to wait long for the drinks to be made. The staff also love working with the machine as it is easy to use and allows them to exercise discrete control over the thickness of the milkshakes. They also like the fact it is easy to clean so washing up was breeze.

All in all, the Hamilton Beach HMD200 got some strong favorable response and I am relieve that it was a recommendation that I supported.

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