Best nut milk maker for healthier milk

Due to the rise of nut milk as a healthier replacement for diary milk, I bought myself a nut milk maker to enjoy its benefits as wel. lIt took me a while to decide on which model to purchase, which is the Soyapower nut milk maker. After using it for a couple of weeks, I am glad that I did. If you are interested in buying a nut milk maker, you might find my experience and review below useful.

Summary: The soyapower nut milk maker works smoothly and quietly. I loved the fact that you can make different kinds of nut milk including soya milk, almond milk and even rice milk with just one machine. The taste is absolutely wonderful!

soyapower nut milk maker

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Nut milk maker buying guide

Before going into my experience, here is a list of factors that I consider before making my purchase. You might find this guide useful so I thought I put it down here for you to reference to:

  • Speed: I wanted something that can make different kinds of nut milk fast. No hassle. Just put the ingredients in and enjoy the milk
  • Ease of cleaning: I definitely hate cleaning so I wanted a machine that makes it as painless for me as possible.
  • Different types of milk: I know there are different kinds of nut milk out there so I wanted a machine that can handle most, if not all the different nut types including almond, soy, and even macadamia nut.
  • Price: Nothing too overly expensive for me. My budget is around USD100+ as I figure this is what a good quality blender will cost.
  • Noise: I can’t stand loud noises so I want something that is quiet.


Top rated nut milk maker

After understanding what I want, I went to Amazon to read the reviews and to see if which particular model was the best selling nut milk maker. It wasn’t long before I knew which is the best rated nut milk machine. Soyapwer it is!

best selling nut milk maker


What I liked about soyapower nut milk maker

Soyapower checks off all the boxes I have regarding what I want in a machine making nut milk. There are some small things that I think can be improved (see below) but overall, it is a great product to have if you are into making your own nut milk.

  • Smooth taste: The most important thing is have great tasting nut milk and this is what the machine can do. The best thing is that the pulp is left at the bottom of the container so you have a choice of either drinking with (pour after taking out the top) or without the pulp (pour from the top).
  • Fast speed: The speed varies with the kind of nuts but the soya beans I tried with took less than 5-7 minutes if they are soaked in advance. Factor in cleaning time and it would take less than 12 minutes to have your own soya milk.
  • Easy to clean: The pulp goes into the bottom so you just need to take out the top to clean it completely. Having a cleaning brush definitely lessens the cleaning time.  Remember to clean it immediately after usage for best results!
  • Durable: I have been using it for a couple of weeks and everything seems pretty solid. Nothing has broken or looks to be breaking.
  • Easy to store: The unit was pretty compact and storing in any a normal kitchen cabinet should not be an issue.


What can be improved

Overall, there isn’t much to complain about although there are still minor improvements which can make this great product even better.

  • Noise level: In general, the machine is quite but not so at the beginning. What the maker starts its rotation, there will always be a loud noise until a couple of minutes later. It will be perfect if this noise can be eliminated totally.
  • No machine wash: I don’t generally use the dish washer but if you do, do note that you can’t machine was the nut milk maker as it has electronics at the top of the cover.



Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. I am using it to make my own nut milk that I can use in my nut milk milkshake recipes.