Best milkshake maker for your milkshake recipes

With the numerous milkshake makers in the market, it can be hard to chose one. I am personally using theĀ Hamilton milkshake maker, which I think is perfect. However, to give you a more objective view on what is really the best milkshake maker, I did more research using feedback and discussion forums. After reading through all that, I have compiled a nice summary here for you to use for your purchasing decision.

If you want to skip the notes, here is the final conclusion, the Hamilton beach 28 is indeed the best milkshaker maker as it hits all the right notes, in addition to having one of the cheapest price around. You can buy it now from Amazon.

hamilton milkshake maker

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How to buy a milkshake maker

Before going into the actual models, here are some basic guidelines when you are buying a milkshake maker.

  • Strong Motor: This is absolutely critical to ensure that your milkshake blends well (for a rich taste) and blends faster (for a colder effect). Without a powerful motor, the milkshake maker machine will have a hard time with ice cream that has just been taken out from the fridge.
  • Vintage or new: The most hardcore milkshake lovers swears by the old Hamilton models, in particular the Hamilton Beach model 40DM 3-spindle mixer. It is the only machine with 3 speed options and turns out the best milkshake. However it is expensive and but not everyone needs the ultimate milkshake machine šŸ™‚
  • Durability: Some milkshake makers may mix well but they don’t last. Look at brands where there is proven records from previous customers who can testify that the machine can be used for a few years (nothing last forever anymore!)

Which milkshake maker has the best customer reviews?

I started my research by using Amazon since they have one of the best reviews database around. After playing with a few setting, I got Amazon to show me a list of milkshake makers that have at least 4 star reviews.Ā  Below are the top 3 models with the highest ratings and have at least 20 reviews. I don’t consider models with a small number of reviews as they can be faked or be swayed by a few extreme results.

top rated milkshake maker


It is nice to see that 2 Hamilton milkshake makers are at the top of this list. The one I am using is the Hamilton Beach 28. It is slightly more expensive than the 729 but the reviews confirmed my experience: it is easy to make great tasting milkshakes with this model.


What I liked about Hamilton Beach 28 milkshake maker

After comparing the reviews, I can understand why I liked my Hamilton Beach 28 so much. My experiences compare well with what others are saying:

  • Powerful motor: This model can blend ice cream with ease. However, it does struggle a bit with harder ice creams. In this case, all you need to do to rotate the cup manually when the machine is blending and the taste will be as great as what you get from the restaurants.
  • Robust stem: The stem is the rotating part of the milkshake maker that does the blending. Unlike the Hamilton Beach 729, it is firm and wouldn’t drop out during blending. To sure to fit it correctly by hearing a click sound when you are attaching the stem.
  • Easy to wash: All I need to do after every milkshake making session is to clean the cup. In contrast, if I have used a blender, I would need to do a lot more cleaning.
  • Attractive prices: I bought mine at Amazon for only USD35, with free shipping included. This is not a lot to pay for. In fact, I would spend the same amount of money buying commercially made milkshakes in a month!
  • Durable: I have been using my machine for the past year and so far, it has been working fine. I double check my experience with the reviews and there seems to be very evidence saying that this will not last. In contrast, there were some complaints with the 729 model, saying that it broke after a few uses.


The only drawback I found was with hard ice cream. Certain brands of ice cream is much harder when you first take it out of the freezer. In such cases, the Hamilton milkshake maker will not blend well.Ā  As I mentioned, what you need to do is to manually take the cup and swirl it around the stem to help with the mixing.


After reading through the reviews and comparing that against my own experience, Hamilton beach 28 is indeed the best milkshake maker currently in the market today. You can buy this anywhere online but I prefer amazon.

hamilton milkshake maker

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