Best blender for making milkshake – buy the Oster milkshake blade

If you have ever used a milkshake maker before, you know that there is a difference between a milkshake maker and a blender.  However, I got to know about milkshake blades that can be purchased to make a blender becomes more like a milkshake machine.  In particular, the Oster milkshake blade has received very positive reviews on making thick and delicious milkshake. If you already have a blender but is not satisfied with its performance on making milkshake, maybe it is time for you to take a look at these milkshake blades to see which one is the best.


Best milkshake maker blade

This is currently the top rated milkshake blade on Amazon. It is an Oster milkshake blade that can be fitted into most Oster blenders.  Later in the article, I will list out some Oster models that I know for sure can fit well with the Oster milkshake blade. If you don’t have an Oster blender, I will also recommend what I think is best personal blender from this brand.

Best milkshake maker blade

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Oster milkshake blade review

There are currently over 260 reviews on Amazon for this product and most of them are positive. This is really a solid product if you want to make thick milkshakes from the comfort of your own home.

What I liked about it

  • Easy to install: Same size as the normal Oster blade which means there will be zero problems replacing it with the milkshake blade when you want to make milkshakes
  • Makes better milkshakes: Blends ingredients much better than the original blade, which tend just froths the bottom liquid. The reason it can do so is the blade can draw down the ice cream through its center and to the site.  This process also allows more aeration to happen, which is why the milkshakes taste much better with this blade.
  • Cheap. This thing costs slightly more than USD10 and the results are great.
  • Well made: There have been very little complaints about the blade breaking down or not working. The fact that it comes from Oster should be a sign of quality build.

If you want your milkshakes to be perfect and happens to own an Oster blender, this is a must get accessory for you. It works and it is cheaper than buying a separate milkshake maker.


Oster blender with milkshake blade reviews

If you don’t have an Oster blender, then I recommend you to consider buying this particular model: the Oster 7 speed blender which has been confirmed to work well with the Oster milkshake blade:

Oster blender with milkshake blade reviews

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One of the most top rated Oster blender on Amazon and it is easy to see why. It works very well when it comes to making smoothies and shakes. You can either use the pre programmed ‘frozen drink’ settings and you can use the manual setting to exert better control.

The blade will turn and spin in reverse directions to pull the ingredients down and create a better blend. Even if you throw in frozen ingredients, it still works great and is able to create thick shakes or smoothies.

In terms of quality, it is very well made. For example, the glass pitcher and the rubber top seal wells to avoid any spillage. Similarly, for the bottom collar and seals. There is no leaks from anywhere whatsoever.

The only downside is that this blender can be pretty noisy so be a bit more mindful on the hours you are using it. You definitely don’t want to wake somebody up in the middle of the night just because you have a craving for a milkshake!


Oster blenders that can fit with the Oster milkshake blade

These are Oster personal blenders that have been confirmed by others online to be able work with the milkshake blades. If you have any more to add to the list, please do so in the comments and I will update this section according.

  • Oster Dual Action 7-Speed Blender
  • Oster 6706 Blender
  • 1950’s Oster model 448 Bee Hive Blender
  • Oster 4094 Classic 500 watt
  • Osterizer blender in 1966


To conclude, the Oster blender can be the best blender for making milkshake if you buy this Oster milkshake blade. It makes better milkshake and wouldn’t cost you a fortune. Recommended!

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