Alcoholic milkshake recipes for you to enjoy

I have covered quite a bit of alcoholic milkshake recipes on this site. You can refer to past articles such as vodka milkshake recipe, Guinness milkshake recipe , bourbon milkshake recipe etc.  In this article, I will cover other recipes that combines traditional taste such as chocolate, strawberry etc with some hint of alcohol.


#1: Alcoholic chocolate milkshake recipe

alcoholic chocolate milkshake recipe

This is a nice rich recipe of making rich hazelnut chocolate milkshake, mixed with a touch of rum. I have tried it with a blender as the author suggest but had better result when I switch to my trusty milkshake maker.

See the whole recipe here.


#2: Alcoholic vanila milkshake recipe

alcoholic vanila milkshake recipe

From the image, you already know this is an alcoholic vanilla milkshake with mint. However, since I hated mint, I made it without adding mint leaves and crème de menthe, and the recipe still works. The alcohol used in this recipe is vodka.

See the recipe here.


#3: Alcoholic strawberry milkshake recipe

alcoholic strawberry milkshake recipe

This is an very interesting recipe that uses both Fragoli Liqueur and rum as the main alcohol content. For getting the strawberry favor, real strawberries with strawberry jam is used. The overall result is a rich alcoholic strawberry milkshake that you will not want to stop drinking.

Check out the nice recipe here.


#4: Alcoholic banana milkshake recipe

Vodka low fat banana milkshake recipe

I have featured this recipe before in this on low fat banana milkshake recipe. Click on the link to check out how to prepare this delicious and thirst quenching drink.


#5: Alcoholic pumpkin pie milkshake recipe

alcoholic pumpkin pie milkshake recipe

Pumpkin pie milkshake is one of my personal favorite drink (I have so many!). Adding alcohol to it just makes it even more enjoyable since I do like a little booze in my drinks.  This particular recipe uses bourbon with some real pumpkin to give it some kick. Some pumpkin pie spice is also used for that flare in the taste.

See the recipe here.


#6: Alcoholic oreo milkshake recipe

alcoholic oreo milkshake recipe

Combining oreo and Irish cream liqueur seems like a match made in heaven. The rich taste for both ingredients combines well and lets you enjoy a thick aftertaste that lets you craving for more.

See the recipe here.

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