6 different types of bourbon milkshake recipe

For those who loved alcoholic milkshakes, today’s article will cover different types of bourbon milkshake recipes.  It is a nice bitter sweet beverage that is nice for an adult gathering or summer party. The good thing about bourbon is that it mixes well with many other ingredients unlike the vodka milkshake recipe which tends to have a limited combination.

Below are different kinds of recipes for bourbon milkshakes that you can try.


Bourbon chocolate milkshake recipe

bourbon milkshake recipe 1

This is the most popular pairing as most folks love chocolate milkshakes in general.  This recipes is nice and simple with plenty of lovely mouth watering pictures to keep you motivated while preparing the drink.

You can check out the recipe here.


Pumpkin bourbon milkshake recipe

pumpkin bourbon milkshake recipe

This is a great new food blog that I have recently discovered. It has plenty of step by step images to guide you through your milkshake making. All the photos are very nicely taken so you will definitely enjoy reading the blog.

Check out the recipe here.


Bourbon caramel  milkshake recipe

caramel bourbon milkshake recipe

Caramel is one of our favorite ingredient, especially salted caramel milkshakes. In this recipe, you get to learn how to mix salted caramel with bourbon for that perfect tasty shake.  Once you taste this, you will probably not want to go back to normal milkshakes again.

Check out the recipe here.


Vanilla bourbon milkshake recipe

vanilla bourbon milkshake recipe

Vanilla is another commonly used ingredient like chocolate. When mixed with bourbon, the taste becomes very different and will give you a nice rich aftertaste. In this particular recipe, the creator used toasted marshmallow fluff which gives the drink a bit more texture and favor.

See how to make the drink here.


Nutella bourbon milkshake recipe

nutella bourbon milkshake recipe

It was not easy to find a recipe for nutella bourboon shake but I managed to find a blog called ‘bit of the bluegrass’ which has a detailed guide on how to make a nutella bourbon shake.

See the instructions here.


Bacon bourbon milkshake recipe

bacon bourbon milkshake recipe

Putting salty stuff into sweet beverages is a growing trend. Bacon is one ingredient that is commonly used. Here is the bacon bourbon shake recipe that you can try.

Check out the recipes here.

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