5 benefits of milkshake maker vs blender

Do I really need a milkshake maker? That was the first question I had to ask myself before buying one. I already had a normal blender so what is the benefit of buying a milkshake maker if they perform the same role? After reading some reviews, I decided to purchase one and I am here to tell you that there is a difference! Of course, if you are not picky about the taste of your milkshake, any blender will do. However, if you are into it as much as I am, then you will need a milkshake maker for the best tasting milkshake that one can make.

(Updated: there is an option to make better milkshake with a blender. You can read it here: best blender for making milkshake.)

After using my Hamilton milkshake maker for some time, here are the specific benefits that it has over a normal blender:

hamilton milkshake maker

#1: Colder milkshake using less time

Due to a longer shaft, a milkshake maker needs less time for the blending.  This allows you to create a much colder and thicker mixture compared to a traditional blender. Sometimes, you may wonder why your milkshake from a blender turns out to be less think or less chill than you thought, this is the reason.


#2: Better blending of ice cream and milk

Ice cream and milk do not blend as well in the blender. This might be due to the type of blades the blender use. Whatever the reason, a milkshake maker always has a nicer blend that combines milk and ice cream. For a full bodied taste, you need them to blend well or the drink itself will seem to have disparate taste.


#3: Safer to use

If you are using a blender, you will probably need to push the ice cream all the way down to the blade section if you want them to blend well. This can be dangerous if you are not careful as doing so tend to result in small cuts to your fingers. You can of course choose not to push the ice cream down but that might result in an uneven taste.


#4: Richer taste due to frothing of milk

One thing that you might not notice is that blender merely blends the milk. A milkshake maker actually froths the milk. The crucial difference will result in your milkshake having a much thicker taste that is very hard to mimic with a blender, even if you add in more milk than is necessary.


#5:  Better control over the blending

With a normal blender, all you can do is to throw stuff inside and start the blending process. For a milkshake maker, you can manually move the cup around the rotating stem if you see that the blending is not done well, especially when the ice cream is too hard. Such a degree of control can produce a more evenly distributed taste that is rich.

With these reasons, I hope you can now decide if a milkshake maker is worth your purchase.

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