3 Easy sweet potato milkshake recipes

After the previous post on yam milkshake recipe, I realise that there is a similar ingredient that can be used to replace yam and that is: Sweet potato! So, I will use this article to feature anther set of milkshake recipes which creatively blends sweet potatoes with other ingredients to create wonderful milkshake favors.  Again, there are not many such recipes around so it is not easy to find what I have covered.


Spiced sweet potato milkshake recipe

spiced weet potato milkshake recipe

According to the creator, this milkshake is really REALLY delicious! From the photo, I believed her! The unqiueness of this recipe comes from the chopped walnut and the cinnamon powder. Both added some degree of saltiness to the drink, which increases the flavor and taste. In addition, most of the stuff is low fat so it is a perfect drink to make for your kids as well.

This is where you can see the full recipe on how to make a sweet potato milkshake.

Roasted sweet potato milkshake recipe

roasted sweet potato milkshake recipe

I have thought roasting the sweet potato could change a taste so much but this recipe shows me how wrong I am.  The taste is absolutely gorgeous but you have to do a bit more work. Before preparing the milkshake, you need to roast the sweet potato over some sugar for a few hours. That will give this rich milkshake an extra punch in the taste department.

If you don’t mind the work, here is the full recipe.


Healthy sweet potato milkshake recipe

sweet potato milkshake recipe

This is a super healthy sweet potato milkshake recipe. Almost all the ingredients are unsweetened or low fat. This is because the theme of this food blog is called diary free, which I assumes means a stronger focus on less sugar. Despite the healthier ingredients, the taste is still very good. If you prefer something sweeter, you can always add more sugar than what is suggested.

The full list of ingredients can be seen here.



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