Yam milkshake recipe

Yam is not a common ingredient in Western desserts and drinks but is quite commonly used. I first chance upon its taste during my travels to Hong Kong. I had a taste of their Yam paste for dessert and it was marvelous. The paste was think and rich with yam taste plus a heavy dose of sweet coconut milk.  I was thinking about it and decided to do a round of yam milkshake recipe so that you can try this ingredient for yourself.


Yam milkshake recipe with vanilla ice cream

yam milkshake recipe

It is not easy to find a recipe for yam milkshakes since most Western food bloggers are not familiar with this ingredient. Luckily, I found one Filipino blogger who has kindly given her recipe on how to make a yam milkshake. It is easy to follow and the only ingredient you might have problem with is the yam cubes. If you can find that, then making this drink is easy.

You can see the whole recipe here.

Easy yam milkshake recipe

easy yam milkshake recipe

Did I mention that it is difficult to find yam milkshake recipes online? I did? Ok, it is really really difficult. Do you know that this second link took me nearly an hour of searching before I chance upon it. Google just give me all the false results that I had to manually look through many food blogs before finding this.

This particular yam milkshake uses a bit more ice than others, which explains the appearance. Unfortunately, there was no exact measurements for the ingredients but the steps were given to instruct on how to make a yam milkshake.

Here is the recipe.


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