Refreshing honeydew milkshake recipe

Honeydew is a great ingredient for creating that cool and refreshing taste. The best thing about using honeydew is that it is naturally sweet and contains lots of of healthy vitamins for ourselves and our kids. If you are looking for a healthy homemade honeydew milkshake recipe, we have round up a few of them that you can use for reference. Remember, you can always adjust the level of sweetness and thickness by changing the honeydew amount.


Healthy honeydew milkshake recipe

honeydew milkshake recipe

Less sugar is the key here. By using low fat yogurt instead of ice cream, we can lower the amount of sugar in take.

Ingredients (for serving one)

  • 1/2 cup of low fat vanilla yogurt
  • 1 cup of honeydew. Cut them into cubes to make it easier for your milkshake blender
  • 1 tablespoon of apple juice
  • Ice
  • A slice of honeydew as toppings


  • Pour everything, except ice,into a milkshake blender
  • Blend the mixture until it becomes smooth
  • Add in the ice and continue the blending until it becomes frothy
  • Pour the end mixture into a milkshake glass and add in the honeydew slice as toppings


Honeydew cucumber milkshake recipe

Honeydew cucumber milkshake recipe

For something more refreshing, you can try out this honeydew cucumber milkshake recipe. The trick here is to avoid adding too much cucumber to make the drink too bitter. However, in terms of nutrient values, this is a great recipe for the family to enjoy during summer.

You can check out the full recipe here.


Honey honeydew milkshake recipe

Honey honeydew milkshake recipe

For honey lovers, you can add in this ingredient to your honeydew milkshake recipe.  Try to go for natural honey to avoid taking in too much sugar. However, do watch out for what really goes into your honey purchase as there have been many cases of man-made honey being sold as natural honey.

You can follow the recipe here.

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