Nutella banana milkshake recipe

Chocolate lovers rejoice as I will be featuring nutella banana milkshake recipes in this 4th part of our series on banana milkshake recipes. (Check out the rest of the series here: chocolate peanut butter banana milkshake recipes, avocado banana milkshake recipes, oreo banana milkshake recipes).  Nutella is a convenient and tasty ingredient that everyone can used to create their chocolate milkshakes. In this article, I will be profiling some recipes for mixing nutella and banana for that refreshing summer drink.

Healthy nutella banana milkshake recipe

nutella banana milkshake recipe

Here is a healthy version of this drink. Rather than using ice cream, non fat yogurt is used. I am sure this will not affect the taste too much as the creator will be pointing this out. When you are checking out this recipe, do take a look at the rest of the site as well, especially the killer blueberry peanut butter milkshake recipe. Killer!

See the full recipe here.

Marshmallows nutella banana milkshake recipe

Marshmallows nutella banana milkshake recipe

Adding marshmallows to a milkshake? Interesting idea! I am sure this will add something different to the taste buds as we chew on the soft marshmallows that have been soaked with rich nutella taste. The creator for this recipe even create a video for it so it is easy for you to follow the instructions and copy this marshmallows  nutelle banana recipe.

See the recipe video here.


Nutella banana milkshake recipe with pistachio

pistachio nutella banana milkshake recipe

Another interesting variation of the recipe. This time, the drink comes with pistachio to make it more crunchy and to have that mild pistachio taste, which complements the nutella very well. The nuts also increases the attractiveness of the milkshake’s appearance.  Yummy!

See the recipe here.


Almond nutella banana milkshake recipe

alamond nutella banana milkshake recipe

The last variation for the article. This time, the added new ingredient is almond. Nothing too heavy. Just a small amount to bring out a more refreshing after taste to wash out the strong favors of banana and chocolate.

Here is how to make a almond chocolate banana recipe.

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