How to make a really thick milkshake

Milkshakes are suppose to be think, at least in my personal preference. I don’t like to drink some watery mixture that passes off as milkshakes. I want them to be think, rich in favors and leave a huge after taste in my mouth after each sip. To make thick milkshakes, there are 3 things you need to watch out for. I will go over these two tips today and hopefully, you will learn how to make a really thick milkshake from now on.

how to make a really thick milkshake


#1:  Use a milkshake maker rather than a blender

There are a couple of differences between a milkshaker maker and a blender. However, the frothing of the milk is the one that makes a difference in terms of how thick your milkshake can turn out. Blender only blends the milk while the milkshake maker actually froths it.

I am not an expert cook but after using a milkshake maker, my milkshake is always nice and think. With my previous blender, it is always a hit and miss.

If you don’t trust me, take a look at this youtube video below and see what this guy is using. Hint: it is not a blender!


#2:  More ice cream than milk

Another important thing is to make sure your recipe has more ice cream than milk. This will ensure your milkshake comes out really really thick. When I say more, I really mean more. Rather than one or two scopes, think about 4-6 scopes per cup of milkshake.

However, the problem with using ice cream is that it is hard for a blender to mix well, especially when the ice is really hard. You usually have to blend it longer when you add in more ice cream, which might cause the milkshake to be less cold.


#3:  Use full cream milk

You might want to forget about your healthy low fat milk because it doesn’t help in making your milkshake think. Go for full cream milk and you will see a big difference in how your milkshake will turn out.

This is where a good milkshake maker comes in handy again. A good maker has longer shaft that allow it to blend harder ice cream with ease, relative to normal blender. Hence, it reduces less time and keeps your milkshake really cold and thick.

These three tips will ensure you have really thick milkshake. You might as particular as me so a normal blender might do well for you. However, if you really want the best taste, you have to get a good milkshake maker. It is worth the money if you love your milkshakes!

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