How to make a chocolate milkshake with almond milk

Since the introductory article on making almond milk milkshake, readers have been asking me to cover more recipes using almond milk. This one covers specific recipes on how to make a chocolate milkshake using almond milk.

Enjoy and do try some of the recipes at home!


Healthy vegan chocolate milkshake with almond milk

How to make a chocolate milkshake with almond milk 1

Here is a simple but healthy chocolate milkshake recipe that is perfect for a vegan. Every ingredient in this drink is from a plant, including the use of almond milk rather than diary milk. You can of course make your own almond milk but you can also buy it off the shelf.

See the full recipe here.


Green chocolate milkshake recipe

vegan chocolate milkshake recipe with almond milk

This recipe is a winner for all vegan and green smoothie drinkers. Using healthy ingredients on a traditional sinful drink removes all the guilt in drinking this lovely piece of creation. Definitely worth checking it out.

See the recipe here.


Chocolate milkshake recipe with avocado and almond milk

chocolate milkshake with avocado and almond milk

Another creative recipe for all the vegan milkshake lovers out there. This time, the creator mixes avocado , honey and almond milk to create something that taste fantastic.

Check the recipe here.

Chocolate avocado milkshake with almond milk

Chocolate avacado milkshake recipe

Since I love avocado milkshake, I have to post a second recipe that uses this fruit with almond milk. The difference between this recipe and the one above is that this has a richer taste so it is more suited for those who want a strong favored milkshake. If you want something lighter, try the recipe above.

See this full recipe here.


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