Guinness milkshake recipe

Got another alcoholic milkshake recipe article for you today. The last time I covered the vodka milkshake recipe. This time, I am featuring another crowd favourite: Guinness Stout! The Stout taste offset some of the sweetness in milkshakes and might be suitable for folks who doesn’t like their drinks to be too sweet.

Coffee Guinness milkshake recipe

coffee guinness milkshake recipe

If you like your milkshake to have a more bitter taste, this coffee ice cream and Guinness milkshake recipe will do the job. Don’t worry though. The taste is not as bitter as it sounds. In fact, with the addition of salty peanuts, I will say the taste is actually very delicious and crunchy. I like this salty, sweet and bitter mix.

Give it a go with this recipe here.


Chocolate Guinness milkshake recipe

guinness milkshake recipe

A simple and nice recipe that combines chocolate and Guinness for a very rich tasting milkshake. Add an Oreo cookie if you want something to munch on.  You can alter the sweetness of this recipe by deciding on the kind of syrup you want to add as topping. If you want something sweeter, you can follow the recipe and add some caramel syrup. For something less sweet, chocolate syrup will do fine.

See the whole recipe here.


Easy Guinness milkshake recipe

easy guinness milkshake recipe

For those who just wants a no frills recipe, this one is for you. There is no extra ingredients or steps. Just Guinness with some ice cream and you are done.

Here is the simple recipe on how to make a Guinness milkshake.



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