4 Delicious snickers milkshake recipes

Snickers make a good snack when you are hungry and needs some thing fast. Who know they are also perfect as ingredients for a tasty milkshake recipe.  The good news is there is a couple of really good recipes on the Web which I have collated below for your easy reference. Let me know if you have more recipes to share.

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(Editor notes: Not convinced that a milkshake maker is better than a blender, read this article on the difference between blender and milkshake maker to find out more!)


#1: Snicker milkshake recipe with pretzel sticks

snickers milkshake recipe 1

The creator of this recipe wanted something to use up her Halloween candies. Turns out that using them to create a tasty milkshake is the answer.  To enhance the chocolate taste, she added chocolate ice cream on top of the snickers. Delicious!.

Check out her recipe here.


#2: Vanilla snickers milkshake recipe

snickers milkshake recipe 2

For those who prefer vanilla rather than chocolate, here is a recipe that will suit you.  The little whipped cream at the top makes a lot of difference in terms of taste and display of the drink. You should try this.

See the full recipe here.

#3: Nutella snickers milkshake recipe

snickers milkshake recipe 3

I round up a bunch of nutella milkshake recipes a couple of week ago. If you liked them, then you will definitely like this one. The creator combines nutella with snickers to come up with this sinful and yet delicious recipe.

The full recipe is here.

#4:  Simple snicker milkshake recipe

snickers milkshake recipe 4

Here is another tasty looking recipe that is easy to made but taste awesome.  The step by step guide is simple to follow and shouldn’t take you more than 5-10 mins to make.

Here is the recipe.


Hope you enjoy making snickers shakes with these 4 easy recipes.

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