Best commercial milkshake maker

I have recommended the best milkshake maker in my review article. However, that is mainly for home use. Since then, I have gotten requests to review commercial grade milkshake maker that can be used in restaurants or cafes. I have taken up this challenge and have done extensive research to recommend the best commercial milkshake maker machine currently available in the market today.



For those who don’t bother to read through the rest of the article, my recommendation for the best commercial milkshake maker is the Hamilton Beach HMD200. It can be seen as the modern day equivalent of its classic vintage milkshake maker line that a lot of folks love.

best commercial milkshake maker

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I recommend buying this from Amazon as it is offering a great discount of 11% as at this time of the writing. There is also free shipping which makes it even cheaper than most.


Criteria for my choice

As a commercial milkshake maker,  the criteria I used to select my choice is slightly different from the factors I used in choosing a home milkeshake maker. Below are some of my considerations:

  • Quality: For commercial use, quality cannot be comprised. Once you served a bad milkshake, don’t expect customers to return so quality is important.
  • Speed: For restaurants and cafe owners, speed must be fast as they don’t want customers to spend time waiting for their drinks
  • Control: Commercial grade milkshake makers should have a higher degree of control to get the perfect blend of taste that the restaurant owner wants
  • No wastage: Business is about cost so we want a machine that minimizes any material wastage.


Top commercial milkshake maker machines

Based on the above,  there is only a few models in the market that can be recommended. Below are the models with their pros and cons.


Hamilton Beach HMD200 Commercial milkshake maker

best commercial milkshake maker

This is the modern day replacement for its vintage line that has been discontinued. Fortunately, its current reincarnation is as good as its predecessor.


  • Close control: the Hamilton Beach HMD200 has a ‘pulse’ button besides the speed controls to let you manually control the mixing
  • No wastage
  • Cheaper than vintage hamilton beach milkshake machines
  • Quite and fast
  • Easy installation


  • A bit more expensive than its competitors but it has received better reviews overall. Price for quality I guess.


Waring Pro milkshake maker machine

best commercial milkshake maker 2

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Waring Pro is another commercial grade milkshake maker that has received lots of positive reviews. However it still has its pros and cons.


  • It is unbelievably cheap now at Amazon. 50% off its regular price means you can buy it for around USD150.
  • Tough steel blade for more powerful blending
  • Easy to clean.  All you need to do is to run soapy water once and then use clean water for a second rinse.
  • Heavy and sturdy


  • Hard to store in normal cabinet due to the height of the milkshake maker

Waring vs Hamilton Beach milkshake maker

Given that both models seems to equally good, which one is the best commercial milkshake maker? Unfortunately, I don’t have both models so I can’t compare. However, I did manage to find a review from a person who has both machines and below is what he has to say:

commercial milkeshake maker review 1



Overall, Waring and Hamilton Beach offers very good commercial grade milkshake makers.  You can go wrong with either choice but based on the Amazon reviewer, I gave a legs up on the Hamilton Beach model as the best commercial milkshake maker.

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