Banana pudding milkshake recipe

Continuing our series banana milkshake recipes, today’s article will feature an interesting theme: combining banana pudding and milkshake! I am sure many of you have prepared or at least eaten banana pudding before. I bet not many have tried using the ingredients for a milkshake. If that combination sounds interesting to you, here are some best banana pudding milkshake recipes that I have found on the web.

Easy banana pudding milkshake recipe

banana pudding milkshake recipe

Here is a relative easy but still tasty banana pudding milkshake recipe. Most of the recipe follows a traditional banana milkshake. The only difference lies in the increased amount of cookies and banana used. This is to give the drink more things to bite so that it taste similar to a banana pudding.

See the recipe here.

Vanilla banana pudding milkshake recipe

easy banana pudding milkshake recipe

Pretty bold for a food blogger to claim that her recipe is better than the one she modify from. Well, hard to blame when it is so true! I tried this banana pudding recipe and it was wonderful. I am sure what caused the difference. It might be the banana pudding mix or the wafer or just the proportions but there is something really tasty about this recipe. Confessions of a milkshake queen indeed!

Visit the milkshake queen here.


Soy banana pudding milkshake recipe

delicious banana pudding milkshake recipe

If you liked soy milk relative the conventional milk, this recipe is for you. The creator has an rather interesting tale to tell. She was trying to create a cookie milkshake recipe when she accidentally created this delicious banana pudding milkshake. She claimed that this drink taste actually like banana pudding. Don’t believe her? Why not just give this recipe a try and judge for yourself.

You can check out the full recipe here.

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