5 healthy and delicious almond milk milkshake recipes

There is a recent trend of using nut milk instead of normal milk for making milkshakes. This is probably due to the perceived health benefits of nut milk. So, to be in line with this new trend, I am happy to start introducing nut milk based recipes. In this first article, I will be covering almond milk milkshake recipes.


#1: Almond milk milkshake recipe with oats

almond milk milkshake recipe 2

Another benefit of using almond milk is that it can be served to friends who needs a gluten free drink. In this recipe, the creator adds in even more healthy ingredients such as oats and wheats. In fact, I think this can be a cool breakfast drink as well as a milkshake.

See the full recipe here.


#2: Easy almond milk milkshake recipe

almond milk milkshake recipe 1

This easy recipe was from a blog that encourages folks to eat diary free products. It is very unique and I encourage you to visit it for more diary free recipes. For this particular one on almond milk, she uses the vanilla almond milk alternative from Almond Dream.

See the full recipe here.


#3: Apple and almond milk milkshake recipe

almond milk milkshake recipe 3

Here is a recipe that uses apple to give the drink a more refreshing taste.  However, the creator didn’t really use almond milk as she just combines normal milk with almonds. What you can do is replace that ingredient with actual almond milk and this recipe is good to go.

See the full recipe here.


#4: Creamy almond milk milkshake recipe

almond milk milkshake recipe 4

This recipe blog is run by a dietician so you can be assured that all the recipes found here will be healthy for you. She made this drink especially for her husband who loves diary products but isn’t allow to drink them 🙂

See the full recipe here.


#5: Almond milk milkshake with oats and honey

almond milk milkshake recipe 5

This recipe also has plenty of health benefits. Remember to replace the cold milk with almond milk for those who can’t take dairy products.

See the recipe here.


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