4 easy bacon milkshake recipe

Want something that taste sweet and salty? How about bacon milkshake? If this sounds interesting then have a look at some of the best bacon milkshake recipes that I have found on the web for you to enjoy.

Maple Bacon milkshake recipe

For a delicious drink that is best for breakfast, this maple bacon milkshake recipe is ideal. According to the author, the trick is not to use rendered bacon instead of the wholepiece so that the taste is not too contrasting. The salty taste of bacon mixed with the sweetness of a vanila milkshake is too much too resist!

Check out the bacon milkshake recipe here.


Bacon vanila milkshake recipe

Here is another take on the bacon milkshake recipe. The creator added dulce de leche to the mixture, which increases the salty taste of the milkshake for those who like more salty than sweet. If you don’t know what dulce de leche is, it is created from heating sweented milk to form a nice thick ‘milk jam’.  Originated in Argentina, you can it easily from your supermarket. I think Nestle sells them.

Try this recipe here.


Bacon chocolate milkshake recipe

If you prefer chocolate rather than vanila, give this bacon chocolate milkshake recipe a try. It is a very simple recipe to follow and requires only a few minutes of your time. The recipe is also relatively healthy as the creator tries to use ingredients that have less calories and sugar.

The full recipe is here.


Sugar rim bacon milkshake recipe

Disgusted with what they have tasted, the creators of this delicious bacon milkshake came up with their own recipe. They added brown sugar to the rim of the milkshake glasses, making the whole drink more crunchy and tasty! If you liked how to prepare a bacon milkshake the correct, you got to see their recipe.

Check it out here.

Hope you enjoyed what I have selected for you!

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