3 easy avocado banana milkshake recipe

Continuing our series on featuring the best banana milkshake recipe, we will covering avocado banana milkshake recipes in this article. While avocado might sounds not to attempting, it is actually very delicious when used to make smoothies or milkshakes.  I travel to Singapore once and tested their avocado milkshake with brown sugar. My god, it was one of the most amazing drink I have had. This is why I have to feature avocado banana milkshake today to introduce this fantastic ingredient to those who have not tried it before.


Avocado mango banana milkshake recipe

avocado banana milkshake recipe

A very interesting recipe. The creator used 3 fruits (avocado, banana and mango) to create this wonderful drink that is refreshing. It is especially great during summer when you need some cooling to drink.  She even added some spices to make the drink a bit more interesting but you can do without it if you are feeling adventurous.

See the full recipe here.


Strawberry avocado banana milkshake recipe

avocado strawberry banana milkshake recipe

Here is another recipe for mixing three fruits. This time, it features strawberry, avocado and banana. Actually, the creator uses raspberry but I found the recipe to still work if you used strawberry instead.  This is a really thick drink so some of your normal blenders might not do the job. If you really love milkshakes, I suggest you buy a milkshake maker machine because it just makes preparing milkshakes all that easier.

See the recipe here.


Chocolate avocado banana milkshake recipe

chocolate avocado banana milkshake recipe

For a really rich taste, you can’t go wrong with this chocolate avocado banana milkshake recipe. The taste is mostly chocolate but the avocado and the banana gives the drink an extra richness. They also have more vitamins than a pure chocolate milkshake.

Check out the full recipe here.


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